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20% Discount

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3 GX Lucky Box Tickets*

Membership Cards

At Generation Extreme E-Cafe you receive your very own membership card that can be used to login quicker, collect reward points when ordering food or purchasing items from the GX Store. Each card will be personalised with your name and ranking! And best of all – Applying for this card is completely FREE!

Membership Gift Box

Upon registering an account, reaching at least the Members ranking – you will receive FREE Gift Boxes! The initial introductory members box will include your very own Membership Card, as well as a small packet of customisation vinyl stickers. In the VIP and Royal gift boxes, you will receive great surprises ranging from gaming equipment/accessories, cool gadgets, and much more!

Store Discount

One of the many advantages that comes with being a member of Generation Extreme is our exclusive discounts on our very own products! At Generation Extreme we believe in giving back, and what better way than rewarding loyal members with great gaming equipment at even better prices!

E-Cafe Bonus Time

Because of the nature of Generation Extreme, we want to give loyal members of our community fair prices. As a member you will gain further reduced prices on our already low hourly rates! With rates going below 4 dhs per hour, we believe we are providing our members with fair prices. After all, Generation Extreme is a passion project by gamers for gamers. We want to provide the best at the lowest prices!

Login Menu

When you login to the E-Cafe gaming stations, you will have an interface that indicated your ranking. Over time, unique features and bonuses will be added for loyal members of our growing community!

Online Account Management

One of the unique features that we provide at Generation Extreme is the ability to manage your account, manage and top up your balance, and access a control panel remotely from anywhere in the world. Simply login to our web-app and follow our user friendly interface. In addition to this, our loyal customers will be able to manage their accounts via our phone application, providing further ease to users.

Lucky Box Tickets

On a monthly basis, several random lucky box ticket holders will be selected to receive free rewards ranging from free time, free equipment, and delicious treats. Draws will be done fairly and publicly, with rewards being pre-mentioned at the start of the month.

This Months Rewards: 10 hours free time, a GX Originals Keyboard, and a free burger.

Previous Months Rewards: XYZ
Previous Months Winner: John Doe